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Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge (Winter's Saga, #1) by Karen Luellen

Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge (Winter's Saga, #1)Winter's Awakening: The Metahumans Emerge by Karen Luellen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The book is suitable for all audiences. It would be considered fantasy I think.

Book Summary

I am a normal human being.
I'm an average fifteen-year-old.
I have always lived here, and I always will.
This year will be like every other.

But I'll soon find out none of these assumptions are true.


Extraordinary teen Meg Winter and her brothers Alik and Evan are shoved into a new reality when they discover life is not what they thought it was: there is evil hunting them, they are not normal teens, and their mother's captor wants them back to continue his plans for the perfect race.(less

My Review
OMG! This book was amazing!

So how did I like this book? Let me count the ways. The story intrigued me from the first page and I was completely sucked in by the end of the first chapter. The point of view is mostly told from Meg’s prospective but the story weaves in effortlessly other points of view throughout. There is a bit of romance, not much but the story doesn’t need it. There is mystery, action and intrigue all woven through.

I really loved Meg, Alik, and Evan. These siblings’ whole world is turned upside down within the first few chapters. We follow their journey to turn it right side up. The author does a wonderful job at just everything. I don’t know what more to say without giving away the story. And I don’t do spoilers when I don’t have to. But it is a must read.

I recommend for everyone of all ages. Nothing inappropriate here. I especially suggest those fans of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series and the two adult book When the Wind Blows and Lake House for which that series was derived.

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