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Freeing Him (Hart Brothers #2) by A.M. Hargrove

Freeing Him (Hart Brothers #2) by A.M. Hargrove
This is a contemporary romance novel (Rated NC-17)
 (Five Superb Hearts)
Book Summary
*This novel contains mature content and is not intended for younger readers.

Kolson Hart and Gabriella Martinelli…destined to be together, fated to be torn apart.

After avoiding his father for years, Kolson knew asking his father, Langston Hart, for a favor would be like selling his soul to the devil. Only the devil wants more ... more than Kolson is willing to pay. But some promises can’t be broken, not without losing what’s most important. For Kolson, that’s Gabriella Martinelli.

Left with two choices–pay up or risk everything–Kolson’s only way out is to do something drastic, something so monumental not even Langston will be able to interfere. The question is: Will it be enough to guarantee Gabriella's safety from his father?

Kolson freed Gabriella from her past, and now he’s risking everything for her again. Will she be able to save him from the demon that hunts him? Or is fate too strong for them to fight?

As the suds rinse, I stare at and memorize everything about her. A deep clenching pain rips through my gut, and then I know it’s not true what they say about your heart breaking. It doesn’t even come close. Your heart doesn’t break. A gash splits your gut wide open and then it expands straight on up to your sternum until your heart explodes out of your chest. The f***ing thing isn’t broken. It’s goddamn annihilated. And there isn’t enough superglue in the entire world to piece it back together again. And then parts of you start to fall off, one by one. And you know it’s not possible to ever be put back together again. You’re f***ing Humpty Dumpty.
My Review

I have to tell you I’m partial to crime/mystery/police procedural type of books. But those books are full of just that and really light on romance, which I don’t need to necessarily enjoy a book. But when I can get a little crime/mystery into a romance story, it feels all heaven like.
Kolson’s past isn’t sweet and oh how I love my broken men. Something about them that brings out the super protective side of me. I just want to fix them and hug them and all that. But Kolsen’s not totally broken. For all his shit, he has it together and knows what he wants. Got to respect a man for that.
But above all, this story is about giving up what you want to protect life above all else. And then there is the struggle against that because sometimes love is worth fighting for above all else.
This story is about love and survival, overcoming ones fears and trusting, it’s about moving on to the future and forgetting the past. It’s all these things and more. I won’t give the plot away other than to say…
This story will keep you turning the pages and won’t read like every other contemporary story out there. YAY! So pick this one up if you like a little mystery with your spice.
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