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The Pull by Sara V. Zook

The Pull by Sara V. Zook

This is an adult contemporary romance (Rated R)

(Three and a Half Pull at your Hearts)

Book Summary

Having two women wanting you at the same time … isn’t that every man’s fantasy? Wrong. It’s a nightmare, at least for Darin Thorne. The doctors had assured him his wife was going to die, sooner or later, so he’d moved on with someone else. Then he’d gotten the last call he’d expected to ever get—his wife was back from the dead. She’s coming home from the hospital and needs a place to stay. Darin is forced to invite her to come home with him. Two women living under the same roof, one his wife, the other his fiancĂ©. Could this ever work? Darin feels a storm brewing in his life. He can’t possibly live like this much longer. The question still stands … which woman will he choose?

My Review

I met this author at a signing this year in Hershey. I talked to her about her books and decided I would have to read this one day. The day has come.

The question of the story is this. What happens when a wife wakes up from a comma after many years to find her husband has moved on? I have to tell you that alone pulled me in. I love drama and I knew that’s what I would get. And we get the three POVs from those involved.

Inside the meat of the story I thought there were a ton of real emotions. I thought all of it was very believable. I felt for all three involved. However, I must admit the girlfriend irked me at times because she had zero empathy for the wife who had nothing. I thought she was quite selfish and didn’t put herself in the wife’s shoes. I get the jealousy. But the selfishness made me not root for her as much. And poor Darin. He’s caught between a rock and a hard place.

So why not five stars? I think believable on the front and back ends of the stories took away from my enjoyment somewhat.

The author claimed the wife had a miracle. And I accepted that. However, after seven years in a coma, I don’t think anyone would get up and walk out of a hospital in a week. The other is the end. While plausible, I thought it was born more out of shock value. And again, while it could happen; I think you would more likely get stuck by lightning first. I won’t say more for spoilers.

Overall, an interesting concept and a short read. You can give it a try and tell me what you think.

My book boyfriend Darin.

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