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White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (White Trash Zombie #5) by Diana Rowland

White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (White Trash Zombie #5) by Diana Rowland

This is an adult urban fantasy novel (Rated R)

(Three and a half Crazy Hearts)

Book Summary

Angel crawford has buried her loser past and is cruising along in undead high gear--that is, until a murder-by-decapitation sends her on a hazardous detour. As Angel hunts for the killer, she uncovers a scheme that would expose zombies to the public and destroy the life she's built, and she's determined not to rest until she finds out who's behind it.

Soon she's neck-deep in lies, redneck intrigue, zombie hunters, and rot-sniffing cadaver dogs. It's up to her to unravel the truth and snuff out the conspiracy before the existence of zombies makes headline news and she's outed as a monster.

But Angel hasn't quite escaped the pill-popping ghosts of her past--not with an illicit zombie pharmaceutical at her fingertips. Good thing she's absolutely sure she can handle the drug's unpredictable side effects and still take down the bad guys...or maybe she's only one bad choice away from being dead meat--for real this time.

Angel knows a thing or two about kicking ass, but now the ass she needs to kick might be her own.

My Review

I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I tend to fall for the first love interest that’s presented in a story and all my loyalty belongs to that character no matter what.

Beware Spoilers Ahead…

So I love Marcus. And Marcus has been made into a bad guy even though he’s the one who saved Angel’s life. And she’s killed any chance for a relationship there. And that hurts.

Then came Angel’s zombie baby and I disliked him and how the last book ended. But what the hell. It was like that ended of the book didn’t happen??? After reading this one.

So now in this book, we finally get answers surrounding Nick and several other answers. Thank the heavens for that. But then this barely there Nick romance thing disturbs me. I’m not feeling it.
In fact, I’m rooting for Randy now who came off as smelling like roses. And why? Why did the author do that when there is no chance she’s going there?

Anyway, I liked the message this story had to tell about abuse of drugs and such. However, the story lacked something…

Overall, it was an okay read.

Audio Review
Allison McLemore is the saving grace for the series. If not for her, I might have given up this series. She does such wonderful job at narration.

My book boyfriend is Randy.

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