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Indie Spotlight - Rapture by Renee Field

RaptureRapture by Renee Field

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an adult paranormal novel.

Book Summary

Mermen aren't real. That's what biologist Jamie Winters thinks until a gorgeous Greek god enters her life and drowns her, forcing her to rapture into a Siren. Used to logic, she can't quite come to terms with Seth Cutter's magical undersea realm or the fact that he's a macho Titan.

Being a Siren causes Jamie's hormones to go into overdrive, which isn't good when she realizes that's exactly what Seth was hoping for. Sure, the sex is out of this world, but she's not about to change her character.

As Prince of the North Seas, Seth is used to having his commands followed. A decade of exile on land was easier than having to deal with the sexy-as-sin Siren who tips the scales of his existence and doesn't listen to one word he says.

They must overcome their prejudices to recover stolen relics that are key to the undersea kingdom, stop a deadly plague and destroy an underwater diva who wants to rule the roost. Are they two souls destined for each other or will the Fates decide otherwise? Seth knows firsthand, Fate can be a bitch.

My Review

I’ve never read a story about Titans and Sirens. So, most of the story was a real treat. The mythology and the main storyline of the story was really pretty good. What troubled me about the story was the sex. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no prude believe me. But in reading this story, I might have given it a five if not for the sex or reducing the amount of it. I just felt like there were two different stories that were shuffled together. The sex in the beginning of the story felt like a bad B-movie with cheesy lines. The sex in the middle of the story made sense and fit right. The sex towards the end of the book was overwhelming and could have really used some editing. The sex at the end of the book was ok. I guess another big problem for me is the love at first sight. While I believe in lust at first sight I have a real problem with the other.

I found it hard to believe that Jamie who had been a virgin for over twenty years of life all of a sudden decides to give it up to a virtual stranger. Somehow, she being so beautiful, as Seth would call her, would have never come across a man she found attractive enough to given into her burning desire. I just didn’t buy it. Especially giving it up to a man who kidnapped her like only a day before???

Ignoring that and a few other pot holes, the story was very interesting. And Seth was surely swoony worthy. So would I recommend. Yes, I think that my issues were personal and not the fault of the writer or her style. The ending was very interesting and I have to wonder if there will be a sequel. Will I read, yes! I was torn over the rating. I think I settled at 3.5. I’ve rounded up.

My Book Boyfriend. The Twins. Considering they get naked before they get in the water, this is what I picture for both of them.


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