Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indie Spotlight - Stone Bearers by R.E. Washington

Stone BearersStone Bearers by R.E. Washington

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a young adult paranormal romance.

Book Summary

There's a war going on and humanity is the prize.

Caught in a battle between two supernatural forces, five junior high students are killed. But Constance, Jonathan Avery, Maria, and Danielle return from the dead -- and they've changed.

They each carry a piece of a soul stone and with it they have extraordinary powers. Now they can summon weapons from thin air and even start fires with their minds. With these powers comes a connection they never wanted, and coming back from the dead hasn't wiped away the grudges between them. When one of them loses themselves to the power, they are soon caught in a battle against themselves and an enemy that wants to make sure that this time they stay dead.

My Review

This is a short story that has a potential to be a great middle grader read. This book was surprisingly interesting despite it was for a younger audience. Never did I feel that I was reading book not interesting enough for an adult yet it still was appropriate for young audiences.

The story certainly captures your attention and keeps hold of you to the end. The story didn’t lack for beginning, middle or end despite the length. I didn’t think that it needed to be longer. I only thought I can’t wait for the next adventure.

I did have a few questions. But if you want to see them, check out my spoiler review on Goodreads!

Overall, I liked this story and can’t wait to read something else from this author.

I would recommend to all readers.

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