Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ice Country (Country Saga #2) by David Estes

Ice Country  (Country Saga #2) by David Estes

This is a young adult dystopian novel

(Five Icy Hearts)

Book Summary

Dazz, a hard-edged, fun-loving Icer, likes fighting, particularly while at his favorite watering hole. However, while recovering from a particularly bad break up, his decision to engage in a brutal pubroom brawl leads to a series of events that thrust him into a dark and mysterious scandal involving King Goff, the ice country ruler.

When his sister is abducted in the dark of night, Dazz pledges to do whatever it takes to get her back, embarking on a quest that threatens to rip apart the very fabric that's barely holding his shattered family together.

Along the way he meets a group of unlikely allies in the form of a travelling group of fire country natives. Can Dazz, when joined with his best friend, Buff, and new tan-skinned friends, defeat the King and his guards before it's too late for his sister?

My Review

Okay, I’ll admit I loved Siena from Fire Country. So I could have loved an entire series from her perspective. But alas it’s not to be. However, Siena is not gone. This whole series ties together and we do see her here in this book as well as the subsequent book. And I’m thrilled because although this series stands on its own, it will tie into another series as well.
What we have here is a book told completely from the male perspective. I love reading books from the male perspective especially ones written by a guy. Amazing insight, lol.
This book still has romance, but the action to boot. David is a genius author with this series. He creates a world all his own and one you can envision. This story is as intricate as a snowflake under the microscope, detailed and well crafted. My heart stops and freezes in this book as he keeps us on the edge.
Overall stellar and I totally forgot to put my review up months ago, but it’s never too late to pick up this series and I encourage you to do so.
My book boyfriend Dazz.

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  1. Great review Terri, I really have to read Fire Country!