Friday, June 28, 2013

Shatter (Delaney's Gift, #2) by Amber Garza

Shatter (Delaney's Gift, #2) by Amber Garza
This is a young adult paranormal romance novel (Rated PG-13)
(Four Shattered Hearts)
Book Summary
Delaney's world is shattered. She has been betrayed, imprisoned and stripped of her powers. Her heart is broken and she vows never to trust another boy.

But when an unlikely hero comes to her rescue that promise is tested. Her heart is conflicted and she is faced with an impossible decision.

My Review
This last book really left on a cliffhanger that made the next book an instant read. Thank goodness the second book didn’t disappoint. Things got started not to long after the last book left off.
And even though I read this book back in January and have read many books since, I remember this one intently. A lot happens in this book. There is a lot of action and a continuation on a budding romance. It’s so sweet yet fierce in a way because one has to fight for the other. And the other must learn to trust or not to trust.
This is a good paranormal story with a solid message. A good message, one we can all learn from. Everyone can make mistakes. It’s what you do with that lesson after that truly counts.
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