Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dirty Nights by Emerson St.Clair ~ Blitz

Book Blurb...
This is a Part One of a three part contemporary erotic romance novella series. Part two will be released on April 15.

If you like your romances light and sweet, this is NOT for you. If you DON'T like your romances tough, gritty, this is NOT for you. Just sayin...
Her story is not pretty. Discarded like trash by her father. Forced into prostitution by her mother. Used and abused, she learns to cope. And survives. Because she has to. What other choice is there?

His story is every bit as ugly. Beaten and left for dead. A star whose light was extinguished long before it should have been. Now a he’s drug addict, wrestling with the demons that try to destroy him.

Their paths should never have crossed. But they did. Will they be able to keep their dark and shameful secrets hidden from each other?
Book Blurb...
Dirty Nights Part Two will be released on April 15.
This is the second installment of a three part erotic romance novella series. Part Three will be released April 22. 
Two broken people... Extraordinary circumstances... Pasts that could tear them apart.
There’s only one thing I want now. Skylina. She’s under my skin. In all of my thoughts. And she’s a hooker. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?
He’s everything I could ever want in a man.  I’m everything he doesn’t need in a woman. If he ever finds out the truth, he’ll run. And I won’t chase him. I can’t. And he can never know why.
Will Ryder accept Skylina the way she is and will Skylina take the steps to get her get her life in order so she can move forward with Ryder? Or will her life as a prostitute shatter her chance at happiness with him? 
**Warning—explicit sexual content**

Book Blurb....
Dirty Nights Part Three will be released April 22
This is the final installment of a three part series. If you read the first two, you should know that this series is not a lighthearted romance. It is tough and gritty, filled with difficult subject matter. 
Secrets. Lies. Truths that wouldn’t stay buried. 
She came clean with me. I chose to stay. But I never trusted her with my own past. There are still lies between us. And she’ll hate me if she ever finds out. 
He loves me despite my ugly past. But will that love be crushed under the weight of his family’s rejection? Was fate really doom in disguise? 
**Warning—explicit sexual content**
More about the author
Emerson St. Clair ... A Little Dark, A Little Erotic, A Lot Sexy
I am a lover of all things fiction, particularly dark erotic romance. I find all forms of art to be quite intriguing, but dance and music have always been an inspiration to my writing. I believe there is a hidden talent within each of us, but it takes courage to uncover and explore that talent, whatever it may be. Failure only happens when one stops trying.


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