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Broken Souls (Broken Hearts) by Beth Ashworth

Broken Souls (Broken Hearts) by Beth Ashworth
This is an adult contemporary romance novel (Rated NC-17)
(Four Broken Hearts)
Book Summary
Pain, desperation and grief.

For Ashley Akerman, they are things that she has grown accustomed to feeling over the twenty-five years of her life.

She always found it difficult to integrate into society, realising that her imperfections were always going to be the cause of her own insecurities.

Stumbling upon the sassy Gabriela one day changed Ashley’s life for the better. She was introduced into a new circle of people that accepted her for her personality and didn’t judge her on her looks. But the good luck had been running for far too long... and time was up.

When that devastating moment arises and Ashley loses the support system she has grown to rely on, how will she be able to continue?

Will she revert to her previous life of merely existing as an empty shell in the world, or will the unplanned arrival of a certain Italian playboy throw everything into absolute and utter turmoil?

Finding the strength to fight on through the destruction will be key for Ashley. Will she be able to overcome the overwhelming fear of her past catching up with her once again? Can her broken soul be repaired, or has she finally reached the point of irrevocable damage?

(18+) Although it isn't essential to have read the first book in this series before reading Broken Souls, you may encounter some spoilers along the way if you decide to read this book first.
My Review

A lot of times in contemporary romance novels there is an element of fantasy because the “perfect” looking guy meets a “perfect” looking girl. And even though they may be messed up emotionally, they are still beautiful.
I love that this author took the time to write a story were the female lead is truly flawed. And I don’t mean overweight, I mean she has a significant birthmark that in her mind mars her beauty. And everything else that happens in the story, it’s a wonder that she remains sane.
When two broken souls meet, it will take each other to mend the wounds and accept love. Not your typical romance story, this one heartbreaking events that being two people together in the worst possible circumstances.
Although this is the second book by this author and there are some cross over with characters, each book can be read as standalone.
My book boyfriend Marco.

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