Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Mourning After by Adriane Leigh

 The Mourning After by Adriane Leigh
This is an adult contemporary romance novel (Rated NC-17)
(Five Lovely Hearts)
Book Summary
Haunted by a painful past, Georgia Montgomery escapes the memories by buying a beach house on the North Carolina coast. She hopes a summer filled with sun, sand, margaritas and best friends will heal her, but when an unexpected visitor shows up, her past, present and future collide.

Georgia is instantly drawn to Tristan Howell, the bronze-skinned, golden-haired stranger with an easy smile and eyes the deepest shade of green she's ever seen. She tries to deny the depth of her feelings for him, but just like an addiction- one look, one touch, one taste is never enough. With Tristan she loses control of the lonely world she's constructed for herself and learns that moving forward isn't possible while she's still chained to the events of her past.

Before the summer is over friendships will be tested, hearts shattered and lives changed, and waiting for Georgia to find herself may destroy them all.
My Review
Perfect for summer reading especially if you want to sink yourself onto the beach. As wonderful as the setting was, Georgia has a lot of going on.
This romance story takes us to a place many of us have been. The Morning After, or rather The Mourning After as the title suggest.
There are time in life we make choices, some good, some bad. But owning those choices is really the hardest part. Here in this story we feel the angst and the gripping attraction between two people as it builds then explodes. The on the edge part of the story happens when everything implodes.
The Mourning After has everything you’d look for in an awesome contemporary novel. It has passion, eye-candy, angst, up and downs, and drama. It is a pill not always easy to swallow as the pages turn, but well worth the stomach churning highs and lows as it is a fantastic read.
Pick this one up.
My book boyfriend is Tristan.


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