Friday, September 13, 2013

Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde

Little Conversations by Sibylla Matilde
This is a new adult contemporary romance (Rated NC-17)
(Five Mountain Man Hearts)

Book Summary
Eighteen-year-old Devin McKay is a complete and total emotional wreck. Fresh out of high school and on her own for the first time in her life, she’s reeling from rejection of a relationship gone very, very bad. Emotionally battered and tormented by the pull of her narcissistic first love, she wants to make a clean break in a small mountain town where he is everywhere... with his new girlfriend.

Ronin Andrews is still battling his own cataclysmic ghosts. He recoils from anything heartfelt, choosing instead to work hard and live wild. Outside of his job, parties and causal hooks-ups are his life until Devin walks in. With her short skirt and her sad green eyes, he can’t help but want her… badly. His protective streak wants to provide her with a haven, to shelter and sustain her.

Through a flash of torrid intensity, they struggle to be friends... just friends. She relies on him to nourish her shattered soul and shield her heart from the clawing, gnawing loss that has consumed her. Before long, the attraction proves too tenacious, and the passion between them becomes undeniable. But will the shadows of the past prove too much to overcome.
My Review

Are you looking for a good book to read? One that has angst, romance and  emotional pull. Look no further. This book is it.
The setting makes me want to head to the mountains and find me a man like Ronin. Oh he makes my mouth water.
But this story is more than the hot man candy (although that doesn’t hurt). This story is about a girl struggling through trying to find her place in life and love. She makes mistakes, but don’t we all. And her journey is sure worth the read.
Check this one out. The little conversations that happen are the seeds that get planted to bloom into the strength they both will needs to find happiness.
Go forth and read good people. And don’t forget to pick this one up.

My book boyfriend Ronin.
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