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The Earth Dwellers (The Dwellers #4) by David Estes

The Earth Dwellers (The Dwellers #4) by David Estes
This is a young adult dystopian novel (Rated PG-1)
(Four and a half War filled Hearts)
Book Summary
The Earth Dwellers is the 4th book in BOTH The Dwellers Saga and The Country Saga. The author recommends that BOTH series are read in their entirety before reading this book (The Moon Dwellers, The Star Dwellers, The Sun Dwellers, Fire Country, Ice Country, Water & Storm Country).

Your favorite Dwellers and Country Saga characters come together in this epic seventh book!

As President Borg Lecter threatens to annihilate the Country tribes in order to expand his glass-domed empire, Adele ventures into the belly of the beast. Her only hope of survival is the consolidation of Dwellers and Country power before it’s too late.

Former demagogue President Nailin is eliminated, yet civil unrest infects every alliance. To save Adele, President Tristan faces his greatest challenge yet: unifying unfriendly Dwellers in the Tri-Realms to raise an army against Lecter. Meanwhile, Dazz must convince the Ice Country leaders to march with Siena and the Tri-Tribes on the gates of the Glass City.

The world sits on the edge of a knife. Will Adele, Tristan, Dazz, and Siena defeat Lecter and his army of killers before the Glassies wipe them off the face of the Earth?
My Review
It’s so hard to say goodbye. I will miss these characters. I’d like to ask the author to consider coming back and writing a sequel about where things stand 5 years from the ending. So much could happen. Okay, I know he’s not going to listen to me. But this has been a great ride.
One of the more remarkable things is that David has brought two incredible series together for this conclusion. There is action and emotion. Sad things happen and good things too.
My only thought was I wish that a couple of the other characters from the Country series side of things would have had more face time. I just feel like they were lost. But we got the main ones and that was the important thing.
It’s really hard to say more without spoilers. I will say this is a must read. If you like YA dystopian, pick this one up.
I look forward to reading more amazing books from this author. His imagination is a bright thing and no doubt his next series will be a hit as well.

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