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How to Run with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #3) by Molly Harper

How to Run with a Naked Werewolf  (Naked Werewolf #3) by Molly Harper
This is an adult paranormal romance novel (Rated NC-17)
(Four Naked Werewolf Hearts)
Book Summary
Down, Boy
Anna Moder has just witnessed a shooting, seen her car pulverized, and rescued a wounded stranger only to discover he's really a werewolf. And by her recent standards, things are actually looking up. Lycanthropes don't faze Anna. Doctoring a wolf pack outside Grundy, Alaska, is the closest thing to home life she's known in years. But hitching a ride to Anchorage with long-absent pack member Caleb Graham that's a risk. Part of her itches to whack his nose with a newspaper. The rest is trying unsuccessfully to keep her own paws off every delicious inch of him.
The problem is, Caleb employs his lupine tracking abilities as a notquite-legal bounty hunter, and Anna is suspicious of both him and his profession. On the run from her past, with old problems closing in, she'd like to stay far, far away from anybody with connections to the law. Caleb, however, seems determined to keep her close. Are his intentions noble, or is he working a more predatory angle?
Anna's been dreaming of returning to a semi-normal life, but now she's experiencing a strange new urge . . . to join Caleb in running with the wolves.
My Review
This author is my go to author when I need something on the light hearted side. I know I’m going to get a HEA. I know I’m going to get a laugh. And frankly she tells a good story.
And she does it again here. We are left on a guessing game trying to figure out why this girl is on the run. Although I figured out Caleb’s purpose, I still enjoyed waiting to see if I was right.
There are some really funny moments. One of my favorites happens in a bar. Our girl does what she has to done to help Caleb which turns into a hysterical moment between our girl and another. I won’t say more.
I have yet to read a funnier book by this author than her first in the Jane Jameson series. However, all her books have humor, some more than others.
I will continue to pick up this author’s books. So far, I’ve read them all except her Bluegrass series.
Audio Review
Amanda Ronconi does an awesome job as usual with this series and with all this authors books. She really brings the words to life.
My book boyfriend Caleb.

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