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Conscience (Bellator Saga #2) by Cecilia London

Conscience (Bellator Saga #2) by Cecilia London

This is an adult dystopian novel (Rated NC-17)

(Four and a Half Hearts)

Book Summary

An escape plan foiled….

A determined woman….

One last tiny sliver of hope….

Jack will find me.

The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity.

Jack will find me.

Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories of her husband, Jack, her children, Marguerite and Sophie, and the friends who mean the world to her.

Jack will find me.

But what happens when hope starts to fade? How long until her interrogators cross over into the unspeakable sadism she fears ? How long before she finally breaks apart?

Part Two of a Six Part Saga. Conscience (approximately 120,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first book in the Bellator Saga, Dissident. All books in the series end in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This book contains adult situations including graphic violence, explicit (consensual) sex and light BDSM, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes raw, dark, and gritty plot. 

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This author has me wrapped around her finger. I’m aching to get my hands on the next installment. In this one, things change. The story is still going forward from the past and the present. And Jack gets dreamer by the second.

There are certain parts of this book that may be uncomfortable for some. But it’s certainly not the darkest thing I’ve read. It doesn’t even come close. It’s not dark like say Captive in the Dark, Bang, Consequences, etc. So don’t get scared. But there are things that will make you squirm.

Although we learn more about how Jack and Caroline got to this point, there certainly are unanswered questions like where will we go from here. But that’s a question at the end of every book in a series except the last.

This book was also sexy as hell, I’ll just warn you. This author surprised me with that and that’s a good thing.

Overall, although I categorize this as dystopian, it’s not a “save the world” kind of book even though in a small way it is. It’s more that the world is still the same but there is such a fundamental change in the way the government is run, it’s worth the dystopian categorization. But it’s as much as a love story/thriller as well.

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