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The Search by Nora Roberts

The Search by Nora Roberts

This is an adult romantic suspense novel (Rated NC-17)

(Four and a half Doggy Hearts)

Book Summary

The #1 New York Times-bestselling author presents a riveting novel where a canine search and rescue volunteer fights danger and finds love in the Pacific Northwest wilderness. 

To most people, Fiona Bristow seems to have an idyllic life-a quaint house on an island off Seattle's coast, a thriving dog-training school, and a challenging volunteer job performing canine search and rescues. Not to mention her three intensely loyal Labs. But Fiona got to this point by surviving a nightmare...

Several years ago, Fiona was the only survivor of the Red Scarf serial killer, who shot and killed Fiona's cop fiancé and his K-9 partner.

On Orcas Island, Fiona found the peace and solitude she needed to rebuild her life. But all that changes on the day Simon Doyle barrels up her drive, desperate for her help. He's the reluctant owner of an out-of-control puppy, foisted upon him by his mother. Jaws has eaten through Simon's house, and he's at his wit's end.

To Fiona, Jaws is nothing she can't handle. Simon, however, is another matter. A newcomer to Orcas, he's a rugged and in-tensely private artist, known for the exquisite furniture he creates from wood. Simon never wanted a puppy-and he most definitely doesn't want a woman. Besides, the lanky redhead is not his type. But tell that to his hormones.

As Fiona embarks on training Jaws, and Simon begins to appreciate both dog and trainer, the past tears back into Fiona's life. A copycat killer has emerged out of the shadows, a man whose bloodlust has been channeled by a master with one motive: to reclaim the woman who slipped out of his hands...

My Review

I’ve read so many books, watched a lot of tv, and seen too many movies to count. So I’m not often surprised by plots. I mean there is just so many ways a romance can be told. But every now and again, I get what feels like a fresh take on love.

This is one of those books. In this story, the heroine let’s call her, isn’t a hidden beauty that sees herself as plain but she’s actually stunning. And the guy in this story isn’t exactly attracted to this woman. He’s used to stunners who are in the limelight of fame.

So what happens when these two meet? It’s not instant attraction. They both have lives and reasons for why they aren’t in the dating pool. They meet because Simon has a feisty dog, he can’t control. Let’s just say that’s the comic relief in this story.

Jaws is a fantastic addition to the story and poor Simon has no clue what to do. Along the way, a romance happens, but I won’t tell you how for spoilers. But let’s say there is a believability to it that adds credibility to the whole story.

But that’s not all. There is a mystery/crime element to this story that adds that level of danger and intrigue. This isn’t one the reader has to figure out the who done it as Nora will tell you who the killer is at some point in the story. But that doesn’t take away the threat.

I really enjoyed this story a lot. It will be added as one of my favorite books by her. After all these years, I wonder at this author’s imagination. So many books and I’ve read most of them. And she still manages to surprise me.

Audio Review
Tanya Eby does a fantastic job with the narration.

My book boyfriend is Simon.

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