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Indie Spotlight - Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne

Deadly Obsession (Deadly Vices)Deadly Obsession by Kristine Cayne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an adult romance novel.

Book Summary

When an Oscar-winning movie star meets a department-store photographer…

Movie star Nic Lamoureux appears to have a playboy’s perfect life. But it’s a part he plays, an act designed to conceal a dark secret he carries on his shoulders. His empty days and nights are a meaningless blur until he meets the woman who fulfills all his dreams. She and her son are the family he’s always wanted—if she can forgive a horrible mistake from his past.

A Hollywood dream…

Lauren James, a widowed single mother, earns barely enough money to support herself and her son. When she wins a photography contest and meets Nic, the man who stars in all her fantasies, her dreams, both professional and personal, are on the verge of becoming real. The attraction between Lauren and Nic is instant—and mutual. Their chemistry burns out of control during a photo shoot that could put Lauren on the fast track to a lucrative career.

Becomes a Hollywood nightmare

But an ill-advised kiss makes front-page news, and the lurid headlines threaten everything Nic and Lauren have hoped for. Before they know what’s happening, their relationship is further rocked by an obsessed and cunning stalker who’ll stop at nothing—not even murder—to have Nic to herself. When Nic falls for Lauren, the stalker zeroes in on her as the competition.

And the competition must be eliminated.

My Review

Overall this was a good read. As much as this book was somewhat predicable, I found myself wanting to read even after I had to put it done for mundane things like life. Even still, despite its predictability, I was still surprise by some of direction the author took at times. That helped keep the eye roll to a minimum.

I enjoyed the main characters. Lauren was a typical single mom who hadn’t dated in a while. Nic was probably the most untypical of characters. As an Oscar winning actor and “Nic the Lover”, he wasn’t the bad boy he should be. Which in a way is fresh but in another hard to believe at times. I personally think Nic was written to be every woman’s dream man. So the analytical side of me was eye rolling but the romantic side of me was swooning.

The storyline of the book was almost like a new twist on an old tale. So it was worth the read. As mentioned above, I couldn’t help but want to pick it up to read to the end. I love a good mystery and this romance had a bit of a mystery in it. I second guessed myself a lot on “the who done it”. But in the end, I didn’t feel cheated on whether or not I’d guessed right. I did have one main problem, “instant love”. I talk about this all the time, but in this case, I was able to look past it for the most part and enjoy the book.

There is a next book with one of the character’s from this story. I’ll pat myself on the back because I knew that would be the choice and I know who will be the love interest. Well, at least I think I do.

Will I recommend this book? Yes, for all romance lovers who like their books spicy with a bit of mystery and intrigue. I know I will be reading more from this author in the future.

My book boyfriend was almost Kaden, almost Jake, but in the end I had to go with Nic.



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