Friday, April 20, 2012

The Walls Have Ears (College Fun and Gays, #3) by Erica Pike

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a m/m romance/erotica novella.

Book Summary

Short and scrawny college student Harley Santos has a strange relationship with the guy on the other side of his bedroom wall. For weeks, the two have been masturbating to each other’s voices, but they have never met in person.

When Harley’s roommate (Ryan) is asked out on a date by one of his neighbors, Harley is devastated that his wall-mate mistook not-hot Harley for super-hot Ryan. Helping Harley through his heartache is Tasha Novokov, the other neighbor, who is tall, dark, and impossibly handsome.

When Harley’s affections shift to Tasha, his heartache hits an all time high because with all the girls hanging around, Tasha has to be straight.

My Review

Okay, so this story is about a sweet guy named Harley. He’s so damn sweet, I don’t think I need candy. You have to love him and how he wears his feelings on his sleeve. He’s desperate for love and misses it when it’s right in his face. But let me not say more or I’ll risk spoiling it for you.

I love this series by Erica Pike. They are nibbles of goodness that ooze situations for gay men that most likely happen to a certain extent in real life.

Of course this is fiction so there are bits that seem a little out there yet not impossible, like the living situation. But it makes for a good story, so you forgive that.

If you like m/m romance novels, you should check out this author. It’s like watching reality tv but reading it instead, lol.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and recommend.

My book boyfriend, Tasha. Why him. You’ll have to read to find out why. (Erica, pls forgive me. The hair is not total right. But damn I think he’s hot)

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  1. You're forgiven *stares at torso* Thanks so much for the honest review :)