Sunday, June 3, 2012

His Heart's Obsession by Alex Beecroft

His Heart's Obsession ~ Alex Beecroft

This is a m/m historical fiction novella (Rated NC-17)

4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

Kingston, Jamaica, 1752

Robert Hughes, a lieutenant--and rogue--in the British Royal Navy, is in love with his gorgeous fellow officer, Hal Morgan. Hal only has eyes for their captain--a man who'll never share their inclinations. Night after night aboard the Swiftsure, it kills Robert to listen to Hal's erotic dreams of a man he can't possibly have. Determined to protect his friend, Robert stages a seduction.

But Hal demands proof of love before he will submit to the rakish Robert.

Mission accepted. After all, how hard could it be to show what's inside his heart? Yet Robert's move to claim Hal's love leads to the threat of exposure, and mortal danger from the French. Will a heart obsessed ever accept defeat?

My Review
This story was definitely more plot driven than romance. The romance elements were there. They were just more subtle and the story of behind the romance took center stage. Being on a naval ship in that time period made me think how tough it would have been to be different than societies norms.

The complex nature of the men’s hearts and mind, what they will wait for and what they will not makes this story.

Many of us at some time in our lives love from a far. Not many ever get the pay off. It was a nice happy ending when romance can work for two people.

My book boyfriend is Robert.