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Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy #4) by Jennifer Estep

Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy #4) by Jennifer Estep
This is a young adult paranormal fantasy novel (Rated PG-13)
(Four Frost Hearts)
Book Summary
For a moment, a face flashed before my eyes—the most hideous face I’d ever seen. No matter how hard I tried to forget what had happened, I saw him everywhere I went. It was Loki—the evil god that I’d helped set free against my will.

I should have known that my first official date with Logan Quinn was destined to end in disaster. If we’d gotten into a swordfight, or been ambushed by Reapers, I’d have been more prepared. But getting arrested mid-sip at the local coffee hangout? I didn’t see that one coming.

I’ve been accused of purposely helping the Reapers free Loki from his prison—and the person leading the charge against me is Linus Quinn, Logan’s dad. The worst part is that pretty much everyone at Mythos Academy thinks I’m guilty. If I’m going to get out of this mess alive, I’ll have to do it myself…
My Review
So things are finally coming together. They are out on their first date for goodness sake. But of course….
Gwen isn’t the only one who is stupid in this book. It seems everyone turns a blind eye to the obvious. From the teachers to Gwen themselves. Gwen has this power and she waits until the last possible moment to use it.
Why they had a concert outside of campus is beyond me. And of course, I saw the ending and almost trough my ipad. Really? I’m just ready for Gwen to wise up. She’s seventeen but darn if I can’t say for spoilers.
Still I find it strange that Kensie is nowhere to be found. She says she counts him as a friend but he is missing and I thought he was thick as thieves with Logan and liked her more than Oliver. Yet, he’s gone. And I'm pretty sure I know who Raven really is.
Anyways, still with that cliffy how can you not read the next.
Audio Review
Tara Sands continues to do an incredible job.
My book boyfriend Alexei.

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  1. Holy shit, this is the actual worst book review I have ever seen. There is nothing of substance and do you REALLY THINK 'THREW' IS SPELLED 'THROUGH'? Some people should not be allowed to publish their thoughts.