Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spice Up Your Summer: Eighty Days of Pleasure

Eighty Days of Pleasure Summer Erotica Sale
Pleasure. It comes in so many forms. Cool drinks on hot days, lazy afternoons reading in the sun, settling into a new book series that promises a healthy supply of sizzling storytelling.

With summer just around the corner, we at Open Road wanted to help you get a head start on enjoying the pleasures of summertime (well, the reading-a-great-series-in-the-sunshine part, at least—you're on your own for the cold, frosty drinks). So we have a suggestion for your summer series pick, and an amazing deal to go along with it.

Starting May 18, read along in the popular Eighty Days erotic romance series by Vina Jackson with our special “Eighty Days of Pleasure” offer, an ongoing sale on each of the first three ebooks as well as the ebook bundle, The Eighty Days Series: Volumes 1–3.

Schedule for the “Eighty Days of Pleasure” Sale:

Need more convincing? Here's what fans of Eighty Days have to say about the series on Goodreads:

"Completely original and not like anything I have read before . . . EVER!"

"The story is told slowly, almost like a silent movie waiting to drag you in. There is no sudden shock that has the reader quickly turning the page yet I found myself turning and turning wanting to know what would come next."

"I’ve really enjoyed these books—I love the language, the richness of the prose, the realism and the starkness of their story. It’s compelling, intensely sensuous and emotionally draining."

"I hope one day to find an as interesting and testing a series but I wonder deep down if it is even possible."

For more information on the sale, you can check out our blog post:

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