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Toxic Secrets (Secrets, #1) by Jill Patten

Toxic Secrets (Secrets, #1) by Jill Patten
This is a New Adult contemporary romance novel (Rated R)
(Five Toxic Hearts)

Book Summary
Secrets are meant to be kept, but sometimes those unspoken words can become toxic - destroying you and the ones you love.

Seventeen year old Courtney Peterson always thought her future would consist of marrying her high-school sweetheart, becoming a stay-at-home mom, and living a happily ever after. All that changes when she finds out the boy who stole her heart three years ago resorts to cheating. Ending that relationship will be harder than she could imagine, but she is determined to move on, agreeing to go on a blind date with the older and cryptic Jaxon.

Jaxon Vaughn blazes into town for a short visit, taking steps down a new path in life. After facing unexpected tragedies at a young age and turning to self-destruction, he aches to redeem himself by opening a bar in his grandmother’s hometown. It is there he meets the pure and soulful Courtney, whom awakens the guilt that dejectedly haunts him.

Distance and circumstances may separate them, but they are unable to ignore the chemistry that draws them together. Can their relationship survive, or will it be shattered by clingy exes, mysterious phantoms from the past and unforeseen misfortunes?
My Review
Oh what a tangled web we weave when we keep secret even though not meant to deceive. Those secrets will begin to fester and become toxic, poisoning a relationship before it even starts. This is a story of angst in the best way. There are up and there are down, but this book with keep you on your toes turning pages well into the night.
What I like most about this story is although the female lead is seventeen, the reality is, she’s falling for a guy in his early twenties. Let’s face it, it happens all the time. So what happens when a so called teen is possibly chased by a guy only a few years older but considered an adult? Well you’ll just have to pick this one up and read it.
This story is well grounded in reality. I like that the author didn’t make up some fantasy romance that only happens on Lifetime movies.
So if you enjoy mature YA or new adult romance, be sure to pick this one up.
My book boyfriend Jaxon.

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