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Reflected in You (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day

Reflected in You (Crossfire #2) by Sylvia Day
This is an adult contemporary romance (Rated NC-17)
(Three and a half smoking hot hearts)
Book Summary

Gideon Cross. As beautiful and flawless on the outside as he was damaged and tormented on the inside. He was a bright, scorching flame that singed me with the darkest of pleasures. I couldn't stay away. I didn't want to. He was my addiction... my every desire... mine.

My past was as violent as his, and I was just as broken. We’d never work. It was too hard, too painful... except when it was perfect. Those moments when the driving hunger and desperate love were the most exquisite insanity. We were bound by our need. And our passion would take us beyond our limits to the sweetest, sharpest edge of obsession...
My Review
The read was pretty good, so why the rating you ask?  Well, first of all, I’m not going to say that the author copied Fifty Shades of Grey.  I have no idea when either woman wrote the story or came up with the ideas.  What I will say is that with the success of Fifty, I would have pulled back on the similarities.  And for that, I had to take one heart away off the top.
·         Ana and Eva.  One letter difference between the two.  The only problem is Eva has a V that stands for virgin that belongs to Ana.  And Ana has an N that stands for Nymphomaniac that belongs to Eva, lol.
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both twenty something business moguls rich as all hell and own the city, planes, etc.  But Gideon isn’t Christian.  But I’ll get to that later.
·         Ana and Eva.  Both adore their “fathers”.  Both of their mothers have had multiple husbands.
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both have "drivers" (of their cars/limos)  that are more than employees, more like friends and maybe even family.
·         Ana and Eva.  Both have best friends who have more fashion sense then they do.  There is a little switcheroo in this category. Eva’s bestie, Cary, is a guy and Ana’s bestie, Kate, is a girl.  Ana’s bestie comes from money and Ana doesn’t.  And Eva’s comes from money and her bestie doesn’t.
·         BDSM.  Fifty series is more in your face with the Dom/sub relationship.  Where in Crossfire, the D/s relationship is more subtle, at least so far, but clearly Gideon Doms over Eva and she likes it.
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both guys have a messed up passed where adults took advantage of them sexually messing them up for future relationships oddly not so much mess up in the actual "sex" act, lol.  Although Gideon refuses anal play sort of.
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both had previous relationships with a woman that remains(ed) in their life to the point it affects their relationship with Ana and Eva, respectively.
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both had a string of woman that looked similar to the woman in question in the previous comment. 
·         Christian and Gideon.  Both have little “sisters” that completely adore them.
I’m sure I’ve forgotten something.  Still even this list is too much to ignore.
Now as far as the review of Reflected In You.
I found in this book I didn’t like Eva much at all.  Not to keep comparing, but some didn’t like Ana.  I however prefer Ana.  She wasn’t as whinny and insecure as Eva.  How did Eva get so insecure?  My goodness, at some point I was like your right, you don’t deserve Gideon.  But maybe that was just me lusting over a fiction character, lol.
Gideon, thank god we found out how old he was in this book and we got some answers.  However, honestly, I found Gideon to be a carbon copy of every alpha male (rich, controlling, and does well in bed).  Hell as much “growling” as he did in this book, I thought he might be an Alpha Werewolf.  Anyway, I didn’t find any substance behind Gideon.  I understand he is supposed to be shrouded in mystery, but you have to give the guy personality outside the alpha male traits or make those traits his own and it just didn’t happen again.
Still, the storyline was compelling enough to keep me reading.  So one heart away for the “look alike/lack of originality story and a half a point away for Gideon who didn't shine falling flat unless he was screwing Eva, lol.
Overall, still a good read and worth reading.  I will be getting my hands on the next installment.
Audio Review
Jill Redfield did an okay job.  I think my problem is that I physically read the first book.  So I already had what Gideon should sound like in my head.  Jill did a different impression of him than I had.  Not her fault.  I think he came off a little weaker than the alpha he is suppose to be.  Also, when Eva was aroused, I found myself blushing like a school girl and I'm way past that.  Just a little too over done for my taste.  But I will listen again.
My book boyfriend, Brett because damn he’s hot.  And I did Gideon in the last book review.
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  1. I agree. Too much mystery and not enough something. Gideon just didn't shine in this book.