Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #3) by H.D. Gordon

The Rise (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #3) by H.D. Gordon
This is a young adult paranormal fantasy novel (Rated R)
(four and a half crash cart hearts) 

Book Summary
The supernatural world in which Alexa Montgomery has found herself is on the brink of war. She is charged with the task of raising an army, defeating an evil dictator, and struggling to contain the bloodthirsty monster that lives within her.

These are things Alexa can handle, but when the person she loves most in the world takes a turn for the worst, Alexa's loyalty and determination will be tested in the most horrifying of ways. Will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will her love for her sister kill her once and for all?

My Review
Like others, I was like WTF just happened in the end.  Not that I didn’t have a couple of those moments through the story. 
Again, this book is told through book Alexa’s and Nelly’s perspective.  At times it felt like I was diving into madness.  It had a similar feel to it like “Joe” did in a way.  This story is darker than the last.
Where Alexa is really becoming the woman she is meant to be, Nelly, well, I won’t spoil it.  Kayden is his ever holy hotness self.  Yum.  Jackson isn’t who I thought him to be from either of the two previous books, but he does do the ultimate thing to redeem himself.  I can see why Alexa has feelings for them both on some level.
Overall, this book really sets up what is to come.  I’m not sure how my heart will handle.  If anything, this book proves not to hold onto anyone dear.  There are no guarantees. 
My book boyfriend, Jackson.

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