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Precious Lace (Lace #4) by Adriane Leigh

Precious Lace (Lace #4) by Adriane Leigh
This is an adult romance/erotica novella (Rated NC-17)
(Four and Half Beautiful Hearts)
Book Summary
Two lovers bound together by passion...

When Carter Morgan first encountered Evangeline Austin a sensual affair was sparked that changed both of their lives irrevocably. They made their own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of their passion but on a moment of impulse they made a decision that may ultimately tear them apart.

Carter must overcome his compulsion for control while Evangeline must decide if love is enough to conquer the misgivings that plague her.

But when fate deals them an unexpected hand can their love survive?
My Review
Stunned by the ending of the last book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. 
What was the author going to do? Where was she going to take us? To tell you the truth, I was kind of surprised. I just didn’t imagine it as the series went along. But that is the great thing about a book when you can be surprised.
It’s really hard to review without giving spoilers away because this is the ending. Let’s just say that you won’t end up angry by the turn of events and the ride will be a rocky but enjoyable one along the way.
Carter and Eva’s romance is much like lace - delicate, eye catching, beautiful yet fragile, easily torn apart if they’re not careful, yet strong enough to hold together.  
It’s hard to have tension in the final book in the series and still have a HEA. But here you have it.
My book boyfriend Carter.
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