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Adventures in Murder Chasing (Funeral Crashing #3) by Milda Harris

Adventures in Murder Chasing (Funeral Crashing #3) by Milda Harris
This is a young adult mystery/crime solving novel (Rated PG-13)
(Four and a Half Crime Solving Hearts)
Book Summary
Kait Lenox is officially Ethan Ripley's girlfriend and she might even be kinda sorta becoming non enemies with her ex-bff Ariel Walker. Everything is going great! That is until Kait stumbles across another suspicious death at her favorite coffee shop, Wired. Not able to help herself, Kait sets out to investigate!

Suddenly Kait's problems go from whether or not she should say the L-word to Ethan to fears that the murder she's investigating might not be murder at all. Should Kait follow her gut or is she just chasing murders?
My Review
Gosh, I love this series. One of the things I like best is how real this series is. Kait is an average girl (in her head) and has some pretty weird quirks. She and Ethan come together in the most realistic way and their relationship continues to blossom at a realistic pace.
In fact, this book, Kait is pretty whiny in her head about her feelings for Ethan and her former BFF. She has some real insecurities. And although it annoyed me at one point, I was reminded that this is how a teen would behave. So I let it go.
The mystery is full of funny spots where Kait just seems to attract trouble. I laughed out loud plenty of times. The only thing that bothered me was when Kait meets the killer. It was almost too convenient to the point of almost being unrealistic. I can’t explain more without giving it away. And really for this point alone it’s not a 5 star read. But still, I enjoyed the unfolding of the tale.
Most of all, I loved the end. I melted at the end. *double sigh*.
I seriously can’t wait to read more of this series. It is so great.
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