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Night Unbound (Immortal Guardians #5) by Dianne Duvall

Night Unbound (Immortal Guardians #5) by Dianne Duvall
This is an adult paranormal romance novel (Rated NC-17)
(Five Fantastic Hearts)
Book Summary
"Duvall is a major player." --RT Book Reviews
Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians protect humanity from unspeakable horrors--but their hearts are as fragile as any mortal's. . .

For centuries, Lisette d'Alençon has been a warrior against the dark. She fights alongside her brothers and comrades. But when the dreams start coming, she can't bear to confess them to the Immortal Guardians' command. Dreams of a dark-haired man with soft eyes and brutal wounds, a man her heart aches for--and a man she knows has been declared a traitor.

Zach is an exile, a loner. He won't defend himself against false accusations or grovel to those who should have faith in him. But he'll damn sure defend the woman who kept him sane against a plague of super-vamps that seems to have appeared from nowhere. The Guardians will blame him, and that will make Lisette suspect, too. With life, death and eternity on the line, who can they really trust?

My Review
I love this series. Every book has been great, awesome even, masterfully told.
And yes, I think this book is better than the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Although BDB is set in a sexy world with sexy guys, the plots of some stories fell flat or annoyed at times.
This series has never disappointed me not once.
It has build up and mystery, yet gives us enough information we aren’t pissed in the waiting. It has hot and steamy well developed romances. People fall in love. And it makes sense. We still get our favorite characters couples from previous books in each book going further. They aren’t the center but they are there and part of the story.
And the world building. Each story we get a bit more insight in this world an the secrets that created it or are layered in.
This installment had me laughing out loud a few times to the point of tears.
The only thing I don’t like is waiting another half or whole year for the next book. But have no fear, there isn’t’ a real cliffy. So you can read.
Audio Review
Kristen Potter continues to do bang up job.
My Book Boyfriend Zach.

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