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Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #4) by Milda Harris

Adventures in Homicide and Heartbreak (Funeral Crashing Mysteries #4) by Milda Harris
This is a young adult mystery/crime novel (Rated PG)
(Four Heartbreaking Hearts)
Book Summary
Kait Lenox and Ethan Ripley are officially in the I love you stage and they can't keep their hands off each other. When she's not making out with Ethan, Kait also has a new internship at the local police department. Kait's life is finally perfect, that is until she sees her boss interrogating someone she knows. It's Troy, her ex-BFF Ariel's boyfriend and it looks like he's going to be accused of murder. Kait knows she probably shouldn't get involved and that Ethan will hate it, but she just can't help herself!
My Review

Gosh, I love this series. It’s lighthearted and fun. One of the things I like best is how real this series is. Kait is an average girl (in her head) and has some pretty weird quirks.
The previous installments made me smile and laugh. But as the title suggest, I had a bit of tears for this one. I loved how the author makes every story believable. However, for me, this one was a tough one. I was expecting lighthearted like before and got heavy. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a harder read.
Still, I enjoyed the story. Kait is still quite young and makes mistakes. And she’s trying to find herself and still wants acceptance for who she is. Which everyone should. One shouldn’t have to change themselves to make friends or find love. With that said, Kait also has her faults as no one is perfect.
I can’t say that this is my favorite book in the series. It leads us to places I’m not sure I want to go. But I love this series enough, that I will say I can’t wait to see where the next book takes us. And we get a bonus POV in this one. YAY!
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