Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mistletoe & Margaritas by Shannon Stacey

Mistletoe & Margaritas ~ Shannon Stacey

This is an adult contemporary romance novella (Rated NC-17)

4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

Claire Rutledge still believes in love, despite losing her husband. So, after two years, she's not surprised by the steamy dreams telling her it might be time to start moving on. But she didn't expect her friend Justin to have the starring role.

Justin McCormick has loved Claire since the moment he first saw her, but his best friend got there first. Now that Claire is ready to move on with her life, Justin is finding it harder than ever to hide his true feelings. And when they both get caught up in the holiday spirits at a party, their simmering mutual attraction boils over into a night neither of them can forget...

My Review

Normally the subject matter might bother me a bit. But in this case, time heals old wounds and you must move on. I’m okay with what happened and felt the author handled the subject matter appropriately.

I really liked the tension between the two and guess what? The author didn’t need misunderstanding to build tension. YAY!

Overall, a cute quick story and worth a read.

Audio Review
MacLeod Andrews did a great job on both the male and female leads. Some of the females characters came off a little quirky, but they weren’t in the dialogue long enough to get on my nerves.

My book boyfriend Justin.

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