Thursday, August 16, 2012

Always a Bridesmaid ~ Cindi Meyers
This is an adult contemporary romance novel (Rated NC-17)
4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

She's sworn off weddings…

After two failed relationships and six stints as a bridesmaid, Stephanie Ludlow is convinced she’s man-poison. So when her hormones point due south to her sexy—but not so charming—new landlord, she can't help the sparks that fly. It’s a good thing she’s declared a strict "no sex" policy, because Mike Brubaker might as well have “it’s not happening” tattooed across his delectable chest.

He's sworn off love…

Spurned single dad Mike has learned the hard way women are the source of all evil and should be avoided at any cost. And that definitely includes his gorgeous new tenant. But when they're thrown together in the wedding party from hell, both will stop at nothing to fight the heat building between them. Giving in is not an option for either of them. May the best man—or woman—win.

My Review

Waking up at 3am, I needed something to do. I pick up a book thinking my eyes would tire and send me back to sleep. No such luck with this story.

Never got sleepy and read right through until it was time to get up and go. This is what I like to call a light read. It’s nothing to heavy but it is also not a flakey story. It was just the right mix of everything that makes a contemporary romance novel good. It’s not a novella, but it’s not so long you can’t read in a day.

I truly enjoyed it. And hey, no love triangle. Still there was a bit of drama to keep my blood pumping. And don’t forget about the steamy scenes, yum.

Overall, an enjoyable read I would recommend.

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  1. Love your review :) Gonna have to add this one to my tbr list! If it's short I'm sure I can squeeze it in between my reads for the month >.< LOL

    Neyra @DABReviews