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Eighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days #1) by Vina Jackson

Eighty Days Yellow (Eighty Days #1) by Vina Jackson
This is an adult erotica novel (Rated NC-17 for the sexiness of it all)
3.8 out of 5 stars
Book Summary
Caught in a frustrating relationship with a man who can't accept her for who she is, passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer finds release in her music. She spends her afternoons busking on the underground, lost in the works of Vivaldi or Mendelssohn. When her violin is damaged beyond repair, Summer receives a surprising proposition from Dominik, a university professor with powerful desires, who has been captivated by Summer ever since he heard her perform. Dominik will replace her priceless violin, but only if she agrees to play for him in a private concert.

Unable to deny the chemistry between them, Dominik and Summer embark on an intense affair full of daring twists and turns, as unpredictable as it is thrilling. For Summer it is a chance to finally embrace her long-denied dark side, but she'll soon learn that where there's pleasure must come pain. And can a relationship born of such all-consuming passion, ever really survive?
My Review
This book was brought to my attention as comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey. So I leaped on it. Let me just say that this book is more like Fifty Shades of Fucked Up, pardon my language. Anyway, still I’m compelled to read more and soon if possible. Okay my review will follow my roller coaster ratings from beginning to end.

Always, I begin at four stars for everyone. This one was no different. We meet Summer. And let me say that she is no saint and I’m okay with that. I don’t have to like the main character to enjoy story. More than that, I find that I admire Summer for making no bones about who and what she is. I can appreciate that what she does is no her own terms and isn’t hurting anyone else in the process.

The story then picks up in this strange game of push and pull between Summer and Dominik. I am fascinated at this point. It’s a bit weird and almost unbelievable yet I do believe. I could see it based on the personalities of both. So I am stared like a rabbit in a fox hole. This large section of the story is hot, hot, hot and all five shiny stars for me.

Then we hit about the 70% or 80% mark of the book and Summer changes. The girl who did what she wanted how and when she wanted became what she said she wasn’t. She began to do things she knew weren’t right at the whim of another for no real compelling reason. If she was heartbroken, I might have understood it. Yet, the author really didn’t convey that as the reason for her slippery fall. The things she did out right grossed me out, repulsed me. This shouldn’t have affected my rating but the believability of her actions just wasn’t there.

On top of it Dominik did things that are a “NO” in my book. You just don’t cross certain lines and he did.

Further disturbing is the resolution of the story. It was as if the publisher gave a limit on the number of words and the author realized she had to wrap it up. The solution came to quickly and unbelievably, forced. Still there was a bit of a cliff hanger and I would have much preferred if the cliff hanger would have come before the plane ride (for those who’ve read, you understand what I’m saying).

Anyway, I still was captured by this story enough to look for the next book which is only available in the UK. I want to read more and bad. I’m not sure what that says about me, lol.

Do I recommend, well if you liked the sex and BDSM of Fifty Shades of Grey, you will probably enjoy this one. If you like the romance of Fifty, this isn’t it. Still, overall I quite enjoyed. Did I mention I read straight through the night until 4am. Now that things are back on track sort of, I want to see when the preverbal shit hits the fan of the truth of everything is revealed.

FYI, I was so conflicted over this book I had to use formulas to rate it.

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