Monday, August 20, 2012

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders #1) by Lorelei James

Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders #1) ~ Lorelei James

This is an adult erotica novel (Rated NC-17 for the sexiness of it all)

4.5 out of 5 stars

Book Summary

Channing Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man. Enter Colby McKay, bull rider, saddle bronc buster and calf roper. He knows he's found a woman who's up to the challenge of cutting loose. Intrigued by Channing's bold proposition to "horse around" on the road, Colby proposes sexual escapades not only in his bed, but in those of his two rodeo traveling partners. Can Channing give up total control? Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio?

My Review

I got another recommendation to read this one, so I went ahead and read it since I’d purchased it a while back. It was another one I was shaking my head for having waited so long to read.

This erotica is girls, so I don’t expect plots to be deep. Yet, I also need something except just sex. And this author did a masterful job of giving me exactly what was needed to make this absolutely perfect.

I was a little shocked by Channie. Being adventurous is okay, but a 360 change in personality is another. But I didn’t let that bother me too much. The rest is gravy. Colby was too hot for words, but so were his companions. I can’t wait to read their story.

Do I recommend, yes. If you like erotica, this is your meal ticket.

My book boyfriend, Colby. (I have to give thanks to my BGC friend Karla for this pic)

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  1. I gave this book a 3 star rating. The narrative really annoyed me. I just read the second one in the series and same thing-damn narrative made me want to hit my head against a wall lol. I'm not going to read any more of the series. It's super popular though, I'm probably the only one who didn't care for it :/