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Crimson Darkness Blog Tour Stop - Sneak Peak! YAY!

If you've read Crimson Midnight, you are going to absolutely love Crimson Darkness.  And I have a sneak peek.  If you haven't read Crimson Midnight, what are you waiting for.

This book is rated NC-17.  Just a warning.  Here is your sneak peek....

“Shit.” Raven brought the van to a smooth stop.  The lights rigged to the vehicle gave them a good 3ft halo of light but none of them needed light to see what was making Raven curse colourfully under his breath.

To the left of the van, suspended inelegantly from a lamppost, were the remains of a human body.  Its torso was intact but the arms and a leg were missing, as was half of its face, exposing some brain matter.  Wire had been wound around the body to hold it in place.  This alone would have been horrific but never enough to stop Raven in his tracks.  Thistle’s gaze searched further, past the halo of light, further into the darkness. 

“Oh. My. God.” Kris bit out and then swallowed a gag.

Every lamppost as far as Thistle’s eyes could see held a similar warning.  Body upon body in various stages of mutilation were strung up in a row.

Raven shook his head and reached for the key in the ignition, ready to turn it back on.

There was nothing they could do for the dead.  Over the past weeks they had seen some truly awful things, things that left a dirty imprint in her mind and made her want to gag and vomit, but this…this was almost organised.  Her eyes searched the dark, the fury simmering just beneath the surface.  They had to be close by; the things that had done this. Watching…waiting… 

The engine purred to life and something moved in the periphery of her vision. 

“Wait!” Thistle placed a hand over Raven’s.  “Look.” She pointed through the windscreen. A sleek dark shape moved sinuously toward one of the bodies furthest away from them.  On all fours and close to the ground, almost as long as a mini-car, it blended into the darkness around it.

Kris leaned forward so he was positioned in the gap between the two front seats. “Sneaky.”

Raven was watching the creature, his eyes narrowed speculatively.  “We should go.”

“What?” Thistle glared at him incredulously.  “We need to kill that fucker, that’s what we need to do!” The fury was rising. She could feel it hot in her throat.

“I’ve seen one of those before, Thistle. And trust me, they do not run alone.”

“A pack?” Damon asked.

“A big pack.” Raven said.

“We should go,” Kris said.  “We don’t have much juice left in these suits, not to mention we are not equipped to deal with a pack of those…whatever they are.”

“Sleekers,” Raven said. “I call them Sleekers.”

The engine was still purring. Raven reached down to release the clutch and that’s when Thistle saw it.

“Wait!” She reached for her crossbow lying on the floor of the van between her legs.

Gabriel leaned through the gap in the seats placing a hand over hers, pressing the crossbow down onto her thighs. “What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s alive.” She wrenched her hand from under his, elbowing him away, and reached for the door.  Raven made a grab for her but she was too quick. In less than a second she had her feet firmly on the road, crossbow braced and primed to fire.

“Thistle, get back in the van now!” Gabriel commanded.  She ignored him, readying herself to take the shot.  She aimed not at the creature but at the body it was headed toward. 

Realization dawned. “She’s aiming for the body,” Gabriel said.  “It’s still alive.”

The body raised its head, its eyes full of un-vocalised pain. Jared’s eyes…Jared’s pain. “Fuck you, you fucking fucker! You can’t have him!” She released the arrow.   There was a whoosh as it cut through the air and a soft thunk as it buried itself in the body’s forehead. 

The Sleeker whipped round to face them. Head close to the ground, it seemed to expand in size.

“What the-” Thistle was cut off as a hand gripped her elbow, hauling her back toward the van.

“Get in the car now!” Raven practically shoved her in before slamming the door.

Join us as we celebrate the upcoming launch of Crimson Darkness, the second book in the Crimson Series. There will be sneak peaks, character guest posts and plenty of giveaways. Don’t miss out! Add these dates to your diary!

The Tour Stops:

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21st August – Join Terri on her blog for a sneak peek into Crimson Darkness!

22nd  August – Head on over to see Lissa for another sneak peek and giveaway!

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25th August – There’s some karaoke going on over in Lissa’s corner today!

26th August - Alana has a glimpse into the past, back when the werewolves were in their teens.

27th  August – Pay Maggie a visit for another Crimson Darkness sneak peek!

28th  August -  Join Mel for a previously unpublished scene from Crimson Midnight, and a giveaway!

29th August – Chill out with Sheri for her interview with Raven, and another chance in a giveaway!

After the Blog Tour, come and join us for an interview with the werewolf pack!

And then…
CRIMSON DARKNESS is released on September 1st 2012!
Available on:
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