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Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4) by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bleeds  (Kate Daniels #4) by Ilona Andrews
This is an adult dystopian paranormal romance (Rated NC-17)
(Four Curran Hearts)
Book Summary
Kate Daniels keeps the peace in Atlanta for the Order, humans caught between the vampire controlling People led by her biological father and best kept secret, Roland, and the shape-shifter Pack, led by her mate-to-be Curran, the Lord of the Beasts. But her look-alike aunt Erra, Babylon's god of chaos and terror, has come to town controlling seven naked warriors: Deluge (flood water), Tremor (earth quake), Gale (hurricane wind), Torch (fire inferno), Venom (disease poison), Beast (animal monster), and Darkness (overpowering dread).
My Reviews
Ugh, this had me reminiscing about Anita Blake and Richard and the Chicagoland series. Neither left a good taste in my mouth. And neither did this installment.
I just think the author wrote more about a failing possible relationship at the expense of a good action plot. Was this book entertaining? Yes. But it was overshadowed by the frustration of the romance dance that was going on. I’m sorry, this author much like the author of the Chicagoland series doesn’t do angst well. Let it be, and stick to what works.
Although this book was an almost DNF for me, I hung on until the end. And because I did, I’m able to move forward to the next book.
And the secret that I predicted in the very first installment of this series was confirmed in this installment.
Audio Review
Renee Raudman did a good job with narration.
My book boyfriend  Curran.

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