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Eighty Days Red (Eighty Days #3) by Vina Jackson

Eighty Days Red (Eighty Days #3) by Vina Jackson
This is an adult erotica novel (NC-17)
(Four Sexy Stars) 

Book Summary
World-renowned violinist Summer Zahova returns to London - the city where, for her, it all began. Free and single in the hedonistic capital, Summer embarks on a series of steamy affairs, embracing exciting new opportunities and travelling to Europe to fulfil her dreams. When Summer's priceless violin is stolen, fate brings wealthy and charismatic Dominik back into her life. Neither Summer nor Dominik can deny the obsession that still exists between them, but history has left its scars, and both realise that love and passion can't always go hand in hand. Summer knows that if she plays with fire, she'll end up getting burned, but then there are some pleasures that are just too hard to deny...Can Summer and Dominik finally overcome the obstacles that stand between them, and will Summer choose to follow her head or her heart?

The unmissable third book in Vina Jackson's red-hot romantic trilogy.
My Review
This book dragged on a lot more.  We learn more about certain characters and meet new ones that will play a role in future books as Summer and Dominik story is over.
If you’ve read the first two books then you know just how dysfunctional each of these characters are. They are beyond flawed.  I can’t believe Summer wasted two years of her live because of lack of communication skills.
Anyway, we learn more about the history of the violin that is the glue between the pair.  And to be honest as interesting as it was, I was kind of waiting for the hot sex.  And there was some, but not to the extent of the first book or even the second.
Still, there is no way around not reading this book.  You need to get to the end.  I’m not so sure I’m satisfied with the ending.  I really wanted to see the happy couple together and would have preferred that to some of the endless pages with other stuff.  Ah, well, I understand the author is continuing the series with some of the other characters and Summer and Dominik will play minor roles.  Hopefully, because I want to see more bliss.
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