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Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet #2) by C.J. Roberts

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet #2) by C.J. Roberts
This is a adult erotica type novel (Rated NC-17)
(Five Disturbingly Good Hearts)
Book Summary
The exciting, titillating, and action-filled conclusion to Captive in the Dark.

What is the price of redemption?

Rescued from sexual slavery by a mysterious Pakistani officer, Caleb carries the weight of a debt that must be paid in blood.

The road has been long and fraught with uncertainty, but for Caleb and Livvie, it’s all coming to an end.

Can he surrender the woman he loves for the sake of vengeance?

Or will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

It seemed to Caleb, the nature of human beings revolved around one empirical truth: we want what we cannot have. For Eve, it was the fruit of the forbidden tree. For Caleb, it was Livvie.
My Review

I wasn’t sure how this book was going to wrap up. There are obvious ways, yet the author took a different approach. You will be a little off your game when you start this one. She starts in the future and reflects on the past until we meet in the present. Just an FYI.

Did I like that approach, no, because I wanted answers now. But all in good time. It was worth the pain to unravel all the events that eventually lead to the end. My heart hurt most of the book. And for a while there I was pulling for Reed.
I only was left with one question. Not a real spoiler. Honestly, maybe I missed it. But I wanted to know what happened to Kid. PLEASE. He’s important and I feel like he got a raw deal where Nancy got away scott free, in some respect.
If you haven’t read this series, I recommend. It will be a tough read, but totally worth it in the end.
My book boyfriend, Caleb.


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