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Brush Strokes by Janelle Stalder

Brush Strokes by Janelle Stalder
This is a YA/NA contemporary romance (Rated R)
 (Five Painted Hearts)
Book Summary
Art student, Olivia Banks, was living her dream at an exclusive school when everything came crashing down around her. Now back in the small town she grew up in, she's forced to spend her senior year at her old school where she's known as the 'freak', all because she'd rather focus on her painting than the trivial drama of high school. But things aren't the same as they were when she left. And the one thing that is turning her life upside down the most just happens to be the resident bad boy, Colt Morgan. Her senior year was supposed to fly by so she could pack up and leave again, but what happens when there's suddenly a reason to want to stay?

*This book contains strong language and some sexual content. For mature audiences.
My Review 

Janelle Stalder is one of my all time favorite authors. Very few author’s I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve written. Hell, my old favorite Richelle Mead has let me down. But not so with this author.
This time she’s taken a dive into the contemporary market. And I wasn’t disappointed. This book is considered New Adult, but beware, it’s set in their senior year of high school with gives it a somewhat of a YA feel. I think it’s the maturity level that pushes the limit to New Adult and that the main characters are of age.
There is a lovely push pull drama of the story. There are highs and lows in the character’s lives. There are secrets and answers and some yet unknown. Although this story is a standalone, I have my fingers crossed for future books with some of the side characters. And I have it on good authority it will happen.
I can’t say much more without giving too much away. I’ll just say that even though Olivia’s the artist in this story, it’s Colt who paints stars in her eyes and love across her heart.
My book boyfriend is Colt and his sexy lip ring. YUM

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